Leading the Charge

Kriss Titus

Kriss Titus is the Founder and President of Michael’s Foundation, located in Clermont, Florida. With over thirty years as a C-Level Executive in the business world, she has discovered a new passion and purpose in her life with Michael’s Foundation, named in honor of her deceased son. When Kriss’s youngest child of six kids, Michael, came home from serving seven years in the Army as a Forward Observer, with four tours in Afghanistan, he struggled psychologically with the affects of war to the extent that he took his own life.

Kriss explains the only way she would ever be able to make sense over the loss of
her son would be by doing something productive in this space where she knows so many veterans stuggle: Adapting to civilian world post military service. In 2019, she founded Michael’s Foundation with her husband.  Working together they created an unique opportunity for veterans and their families to have an empowering community experience with horses.

Kriss says the ultimate goal is to support veterans and their families by providing a safe & tranquil space, where veterans and their families can thrive in their post duty lives. Kriss and Larry, her husband of 50 years, live near Michael’s Foundation in Clermont, Florida and actively participate in the programs.

Eileen Titus

Eileen Daley, a UCF Alum, is thrilled to bring her business management experience, and deep understanding of physical and mental health to Michael’s Foundation, as Chief Operating Officer. In 2013, Eileen oversaw quality control and special projects for Arabian Night’s Dinner Show in Kissimmee, Florida.  From there she went on to become the Business Manager of the Al-Marah Arabian Horse Farm, here in Clermont, overseeing operations, programming, and events. A major highlight from the farm- planning Open House events which drew in over 500 people!

Not only did Eileen learn a lot about horses and all that goes into the business of showing, breeding, and sharing their magic with riders and onlookers, she was able to do what she loved the most: make connections with others, to provide a safe and inclusive environment for everyone in attendance. Because of her love for helping others, Eileen eventually decided to pursue Yoga Therapy school in Miami, Florida. During this 3 year (now master’s degree Program) school, Eileen was supervised in a clinic setting by a variety of Doctors in various fields, to address acute and chronic illness (mental and physical) through a yoga and physical therapy lens. She also became a personal trainer so that she could use strength training when
needed, to further address health holistically. She continued working full time for 7 years as an Integrative Health Specialist & Business and Lifestyle Consultant.

Eileen is ecstatic about bringing her experience to Michael’s Foundation and being a part of an incredible team of individuals who all passionately want to support Veterans and their families in order for them to thrive in every way.

Matthew Titus

Matthew Titus is our Director of Veteran Engagement, and also Michael Titus’ older brother. Matt brings his expertise in Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, and life experience as an Army Veteran, to our team.

Alan Alford

Over the last 27 years, Alan Alford has become a leader within the veteran
community. He has assisted tens of thousands of veterans, service members and their families to receive their hard earned veteran’s benefits. As a subject matter expert on veterans benefits and benefits related issues, he regularly lectures at numerous colleges, military bases, Vet Centers, Pow Wow’s, health fairs, homeless shelters for veterans, and numerous gatherings where veterans will be meeting that are needing assistance with their veteran’s benefits. Additionally, he co-authored “The Expert’s Guide to Veterans Benefits”, and has worked tirelessly to assist with numerous pieces of legislation that have protected the sacred rights for all that have served our great nation.

Most importantly though Alan as the Vice President of the “Fighting For Our Heroes Foundation Inc.” has personally been able to help hundreds of chronically homeless veterans to get off the streets of Central Florida permanently and he has worked tirelessly with each transitioning veteran to furnish their new apartments, and rebuild their lives. Through our partnership with both Alan and Robin Alford and the “Fighting for Our Heroes Foundation”, Michael’s Foundation is equipped to handle the numerous often complex issues that our veterans face after their military service has ended. This dynamic partnership continually helps numerous veterans each day to overcome the various obstacles that impact both the veterans and their family member’s lives.

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