Al-Marah Arabian Horses

Our Horses

Our horses’ stables are housed at the host farm in Clermont, FL. The horses are like family, and the stars of the show when veterans come to visit. These amazing creatures make Michael’s Foundation’s core equine program, “Horses Empowering Heroes” possible! All of our horses receive around the clock care and top notch vetinarian care. Being the best allies to veterans is what makes our horses so special! Come meet our horses, or sign up for Michael’s Foundation’s core program, “Horses Empowering Heroes” on our calendar page.

Designing Power Lady

Designing Power Lady is the mother of both Michael’s Dream and Michael’s Promise. Her spectacular breeding career has come to an end and she joins or herd full time. Her experience as a mother and member of the herd brings a new perspective to many. She is a nurturer and a strong boundary setter in her role within the herd and as a teacher.

Michael's Dream

Michael’s Dream is Designing Power Lady’s baby, and was born on Valentine’s Day 2020 in the middle of the afternoon. He has been a “pot stirrer” and like his namesake, a sweet boy with a glint in his eye and a sense of humor. Michael’s Dream is currently in “school” in NC learning his P’s and Q’s.

Michael's Promise

Michael’s Promise is Michael’s Dream’s baby sister. She came into this work appreciating human assistance to get up, to nurse, to stand on her own. All things that just didn’t seem as important as grooming herself. She is a fancy little girl who LOVES people and attention! Currently she is pasture mates with Pearl the donkey.


Asterisk is our Sr. teaching horse in the herd. After a revered career in the show ring and as a breeding stallion, he became a wonderful teaching horse. Asterisk has taught everything from small children to college students and even adults under saddle, down the trail and in the show ring. Arthritis forced an end to his riding career and he has shifted into a beloved member of our teaching herd.


Thor has a similar story to Asterisk…. he too had a successful career in the show ring and as a schooling horse under saddle. A chronic lameness issue forced his retirement as a riding horse. He is in his early teens and loves working with participants in our program. Thor brings his sense of humor and unusual upbringing, he was orphaned at 1 day old, to the table as a beloved member of our her.

Pearl the Donkey

Pearl is the farms baby sitter and preschool teacher. She LOVES the babies! Her job also includes protection. There is a long history of donkeys with babies for protection from predators and Pearl does not disappoint. Pearl also works in our program and loves a good ear scratch.

The History of Al-Marah Arabian Horses

Al-Marah Arabians is owned by Mark Miller, founder and owner of the world famous Arabian Nights Dinner Attraction which he closed at the end of 2013 in order to continue the Legacy of Al-Marah. Mark’s mother, Bazy Tankersley, started breeding Arabian horses in the late 1930s, and founded her Al-Marah Arabian Horse Farm in Tucson, Arizona in 1942. In 1956, Al-Marah Arabians added the horses from Crabbet Stud and Hanstead Stud to their herd and has been the principle breeder of the Arabian Horses first gathered from the desert by Abbas Pasha in 1815, making Al-Marah the oldest privately owned band of Arabian Horses in the world. Mark is the 6th person in the third family to have control of this herd.

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