Making a Difference

How it
came to be

Michael’s Foundation came to be through a real life story of two parents losing one of their Veteran sons to suicide, and how they transformed their grief into an inspirational Veterans’ support program. After losing their son, Michael Titus, to suicide in February 2016, Kriss and Larry Titus felt the need to honor Michael’s life and his own vision: Helping Veterans with their post service acclamation into the civilian world. In the year after he passed, Michael’s dream of assisting our Veterans laid heavy on his parents’ hearts. The couple knew they needed to harness their grief and put it towards something uplifting and inspirational. They wanted to help other veterans and their families, and do it in the name of Michael Titus. Kriss and Larry decided to make their son’s dream a reality, and began the path to establish Michael’s Foundation and provide free assistance to Veterans who needed it most.

Kriss and Larry Titus can be found attending events at the farm, participating in meditation workshops and peeking-in on the equine assisted learning programs. Alan Alford remains an ally for Veterans seeking Veteran Benefit Guidance, or just some friendly conversation. Eileen is the master coordinator who manages all the events and programs, while Kyle remains the team’s equine specialist.

The Team relishes in seeing the veterans find peace and tranquillity, while they interact on the farm through the various programs  that Michael’s Foundation has to offer.

Learn more about Michael’s journey, and his dream of starting a Veteran’s Non-Profit Program.

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