We had the pleasure of interviewing Bonnie S., one of our veteran members who’s kind and beautiful heart can be felt from miles away! We are thankful she’s been a part of Michael’s Foundation for about 3 months now. 

Bonnie is an Army Veteran, who served for 12 years. Here are some highlights of our chat:


Being in the military was enlightening, an experience which broadened my horizons. Serving my country felt like my purpose.

My MOS(the role or job of someone in the military) was Personnel Actions. I  coordinated other officers who needed to do line of duty investigations. I supported the federal agents, and state agents working on different cases related to illegal activity regarding drugs. I would transpose what I heard through the wire tap. I really enjoyed it. It felt like I was on a mission!

What was challenging about it was being a woman veteran. I felt insecure about feeling like I was valued like my male counterparts. My own perceptions were conflicting, due to how it was then, with women being resented for being in the military and I had judgments and worries about that.  I wasn’t sure. No one in my family had been in the military, so it was a time of unpredictability for me. But I felt it was my passion. 

Eventually we got called out for Desert Storm. That was unnerving. Then we were 2 weeks from going over to Saudi Arabia and were mobilized to Fort Hood. I had to stay in Fort Hood and It was turbulent for us because we had to fill the soldiers shoes who left to go to Saudi Arabia and we had no training. I lived in the barracks for 9 months. It was an experience. 

Now that I’m retired I love encouraging highschoolers to go into the Military to experience the appreciation for it and to understand the importance of protecting our country when we need to. 

I enjoy being a part of Michael’s Foundation and feel stronger because I’m united with other veterans who are seeking recovery and coping skills too. We can help each other. I really like the drum circle and Heroes Connection Day where you sync your heart with the horse’s.

I feel at home. We have a bond here and I appreciate the connection again. Being able to be a part of the community, to help myself, help other vets, and I love horses!- That’s why I am here.”


We’re so happy you are, Bonnie!