Meet Michael

Michael's Story, written by
his mother, Kriss Titus

Michael Paul Titus was born October 31, 1985 in Kissimmee, Florida. He was a Halloween baby, and the youngest of six siblings. Michael was always the baby of the family, coddled by everyone, even as he grew into what he considered to be “A Grown Ass Man”. Michael lived most of his life in Santa Rosa Beach, and spent his days hanging on the local beaches with family and friends. One afternoon he came home to let his parents know that he wanted to join the military and serve our country, following in the footsteps of his older brothers. He joined the ARMY in 2007, amidst wartime for the US.

Michael was a loving, caring, considerate and a funny, funny guy with a laugh that could fill a concert hall. His sense of humor got him in more trouble than one can imagine. He had a very dry sense of humor that wasn’t always funny to some of the audiences he was around. One of the stories we remember well was when he was in basic training digging fox holes and he mentioned to his Drill Sergeant. “Sir I need a bigger shovel to dig this hole with.” On hearing this the Drill Sergeant presented Michael with a very small trowel. He asked Michael how that size would work, and Michael replied, “Sir I wished in one hand and ended up with shit in the other hand.” Michael’s humor did not impress his Drill Sergeant and he paid a dear price for his remark.

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