Michael’s Foundation is proud to announce that one of the Veterans who has utilized our free benefit guidance program is now qualified for 100% disability from the VA, but that’s not all! In addition, he’s also received “permanent and total” (P&T) rating, and the VA can never revoke the status.  This Veteran will now qualify to receive free property taxes, dental and vision coverage, hunting and fishing licenses, free tags for his vehicle,  free healthcare coverage for his family members, a discharge of nearly $30K in student loans, and free college for all of his children and his wife!  All benefits well deserved by this individual veteran who is truly a great warrior, and made possible by our partnership with Alan Alford’s “Fighting For Our Heroes Foundation”.  Alan was able to work with this veteran over the last several months since having a chance meeting at FROZ-N7 ice cream shop in St. Cloud, Florida. This veteran and Alan immediately became friends and Alan began guiding him toward the finish line. This Veteran in his mid 30’s, moved to Florida from California and has set down roots in Osceola County with his family. He served in the Marine Corps for over 10 years! We would like to celebrate this WIN for this particular Veteran and thank Alan Alford for his dedication to this case.