Recent studies conducted by the Institute of HeartMath provide a clue to explain the two-way “healing” that occurs when we’re close to horses. According to researchers, the heart has an electromagnetic field larger than the brain: a magnetometer can measure the energy field of the heart that radiates from 2.4 meters to 3 meters around the human body. While this is certainly significant, perhaps more impressive than the electromagnetic field projected by the heart of a horse is five times larger than that of a human being (imagine an electromagnetic sphere around the horse) and it can influence straight into our own heart rate.
Horses are also likely to have what science has identified as a “coherent” heart rate (heart rate pattern) that explains why we can “feel better”  when we’re close to them. Studies have found a coherent heart pattern or HRV to be a solid measure of well-being and consistent with emotional states of calm and joy-that is, we exhibit such patterns when we feel positive emotions.
A coherent heart pattern is indicative of a system that can recover and adapt to stressful situations very efficiently. Many times, we just need to be in the presence of horses to feel a sense of well-being and peace. In fact, research shows that people experience many physiological benefits by interacting with horses, including lower blood pressure and heart rate, higher beta-endorphins (neurotransmitters acting as pain suppressors), decreased stress levels, decreased feelings of anger, hostility, tension and anxiety, better social working; and greater feelings of empowerment, confidence, patience and self-efficacy”.
Want to experience Heart-Math for yourself? Join us for Heroes Connection Day each month, free for Veterans! Check our events page for dates! 

On May 28th we are hosting our biggest event yet for veterans and their families, and for good reason, it’s Memorial Day weekend! Celebrate Our Heroes-a Memorial Day Tribute Event will go from 10am-3pm, and the lineup of honorary entertainment is not to be missed or forgotten. Just like our heroes, the service people who’ve dedicated their lives to fighting for and serving our country.


This day will be an incredibly special one on the farm. From kid’s entertainment (face painting, games, pony rides) to our Fallen Soldier Programming: A flag ceremony, a Fallen Soldier Table, Veteran guest speakers with inspirational stories (like Eric Davidson’s), a drill performance on horseback (from the Veteran members of the McCormick Research Institute) and more, the activities of the day are sure to stir a variety of emotions, but most importantly, bring people together. Though Memorial Day can be a somber one, here at Michael’s Foundation, and on May 28th, we plan to celebrate, commemorate, and create community around a beautiful day of remembrance. We will celebrate the men and women in service and those who’ve served, with joy and love. They deserve nothing but.

We’re most excited to welcome and host the following guest speaker at May 28th’s event, CFO and Director of Veteran Affairs for McCormick Research Institute, Eric Davidson. 

Eric Davidson served in the United States Army between 1995 and 2007; serving tours in Korea and later in the Middle East in both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  He is a combat-wounded AW2 veteran.  After being injured in combat in 2003, Eric went on to study at Stetson University’s Executive Business Program.  Feeling called to serve the veteran community, Eric continued to study Military Resilience at Liberty University.  In more recent years, Eric dedicates most of his time to serving fellow veterans as they recover from war and transition back into civilian life.  He has worked as a Chaplain serving veterans with PTSD for over 10 years.  

Today, Eric’s role at McCormick gives him the opportunity to use his experience of overcoming a Traumatic Brain Injury and post-combat trauma to counsel and support the veteran community.  He is a passionate advocate for veteran families and works hard to support and create programs that help our warriors overcome PTSD.  He speaks across the country with 3 main goals:To reduce veteran suicide, recover the wounded, and restore veteran families, with the overall goal of providing the necessary tools needed for families to thrive through adversity.


Come hear Eric’s inspiring story on our farm on May 28th from 10am-3pm. You won’t want to miss it!


Where: 11105 Autumn Lane, Clermont Fl, 34711

When: May 28th, 10am-3pm

Call for more info:  407-917-2957

Rsvp by clicking here: Celebrate Our Heroes- Memorial Day Event