Michael’s Foundation held our first annual Cowboy Christmas Party at the Farm in Clermont, FL, and it was a huge success.  The laid back vibes, the full bellies, the joyous children, and the serenity that surrounded the farm was proof that a wonderful time was had by all Veterans and their families in attendance.  Our foundation’s Veteran Benefit Guidance partner, Alan Alford, shared some words of gratitude from his point of view about the gathering:
“…The entire day you could feel the energy out there of kids laughing and people genuinely bonding. I saw veterans that hadn’t even met before becoming friends before my eyes, their kids playing together, and their mothers exchanging numbers. It was so pure. Think about the world that we live in today, finding a true friend, an unforced laugh, someone that doesn’t have an ulterior motive, and someone that you can place your trust in that won’t let you down simply because they are trustworthy. These are things that are so hard to find in the world that we live in today. Yesterday I saw those connections being built and fortified over and over again between the kids that were having the time of their lives, and vets that were having the time of their lives as they felt safe sharing this part of their lives with their loved ones, and most importantly the spouses who are the backbone and glue of our families..They were bonding and one spouse shared with me that she saw her “pre-deployment husband yesterday”: Meaning that she experienced her husband in his happy go lucky “pre-deployment” self… what a true gift for that family to experience that feeling at Michael’s Foundation’s Christmas party.  In my opinion, the reason for this was the atmosphere that the gathering provided her husband, where he could live in his comfort zone, and where he felt safe in a crowd of friends. Everyone that worked so hard to put the party together, that is what you gave them, a moment of peace, happiness and a memory that they will forever have that becomes a building block. That is what yesterday  meant to everyone…”